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The company finds its origins in Mr. Baldi Domenico, who from a young age devoted himself to his great passion, mechanics. Thus, in 1989, he established the company "ELETTRODIESEL di Baldi Domenico".

The complete dedication to work and the desire to emerge projected the activity in the earthmoving sector, with the consequent growth of the company, which thanks to continuous investments can now boast cutting-edge technologies and a safe and comfortable work environment.

In fact, in 2006, following the construction of a new industrial shed, Baldi Domenico's Elettrodiesel company moved to its current headquarters in Via della Breccia Violetta, N°4 - Z.artigianale -Pietrasanta (LU), further expanding its business .

Over the years Domenico transmits the same passion to his children, Davide and Laura Baldi, who, in January 2010 form the current company "ELETTRODIESEL SRL" which, with the same will that distinguished it in the past, tries to achieve the objectives set .

Through constant investments, the new partners have improved and transformed the corporate organization, combining an almost exclusively repair activity with a commercial rental and assistance activity for KOMATSU earthmoving machines, in the province of Lucca and Massa Carrara.

We at ELETTRODIESEL srl have as our partner

  • We always act with sincerity, integrity and honesty and communicate transparently

Pannelli fotovoltaici

respect the environment

Solar energy is the mother energy on Earth.
It is thanks to solar radiation, for example, that plants complete chlorophyll photosynthesis and trigger the virtuous process that allows the creatures that inhabit the planet to survive. Solar radiation is also the origin of winds, tides and fossil fuels: the Sun is the prime mover of almost all forms of energy on our planet.

Pannelli fotovoltaici


respect the environment

Producing energy from renewable sources drastically reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere

Constantly evolving

Technological innovation makes the production of renewable energy more and more efficient


Renewable sources are always available in nature

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